We use professional Sienna-x tan. This award winning tan has minimum scent, fast drying time and has the most gorgeous and natural colour! 


Full body manual tan:


Half body manual tan:


We advise for you to wear loose, dark clothes to your tanning appointment (or if you're having a spray tan at home, put your pyjamas on!).
Shaving must be done the day before.

Waxing to be done at least 2 days before.

For better results, exfoliate dry patches the day before, e.g knees and elbows.

Do not apply perfumes, moisturiser or deodorant on the day of your tan, or for 8 hours after.
We advise to wait 8 hours after your tan before you shower. For best results, shower the next day. Instant gorgeous colour and dries within minutes.


*travel charges may apply